The Cleveland-Holloway Neighborhood of The Willow Durham

The Willow is located in Durham, NC and, more specifically, in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood, which has its own rich history.  Cleveland-Holloway is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood located in the heart of Durham, NC. It is home to a variety of attractions such as Counter Culture Coffee, Seeds, Oakwood Park and the newly renovated and modern main library, making it the ideal location for your condo as your place to live, work, and play.

The neighborhood is known for its rich history and its unique architecture. Many of the buildings in the area are from the late 19th to early 20th centuries, and feature an eclectic mix of styles, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the area’s residents. The neighborhood is also home to a number of historic homes, including the Second Empire house built by Capt. E. J. Parrish and the Waverly Honor built by Julian S. Carr.  The Willow Durham brings the best concepts of modern architecture into this distinguished community.

Cleveland-Holloway is adjacent to Downtown Durham, Golden Belt, and historic Five Points, which features a number of restaurants, bars, and shops, as well as several schools and parks. The area also has a number of cultural institutions, including the Hayti Heritage Center, dedicated to preserving and celebrating African American culture, the Durham Performing Arts Center and the Carolina Theatre.

Nearby you will find the Duke Homestead and the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. For outdoor recreation and activities there is the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, the Durham Multicultural Festival and the city’s many greenways and trails.


Welcome to The Willow Durham, a luxury condominium located in the heart of downtown Durham at 600 N Roxboro St. As a resident, you will be surrounded by a wealth of entertainment options, making every day an exciting adventure. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the incredible attractions and activities that you can enjoy just steps away from your new home.

Art Museums and Galleries:

Durham is known for its thriving arts scene, and as a resident of The Willow Durham, you'll be in the perfect position to explore it all. Start with the renowned Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, which boasts an impressive collection of contemporary art and frequent rotating exhibitions. The 21c Museum Hotel Durham is another great spot to check out, offering a unique blend of contemporary art museum and boutique hotel.

For a more intimate experience, visit the numerous local galleries sprinkled throughout the downtown area. The Carrack, Golden Belt, and Pleiades Arts are just a few of the many galleries showcasing exceptional local and regional talent.

Bars and Nightlife:

The Willow Durham residents have access to a wide variety of nightlife options, from low-key bars to high-energy dance clubs. Enjoy craft beers and expertly mixed cocktails at popular spots like Alley Twenty Six, Bar Brunello, and Fullsteam Brewery. If you're looking for something more lively, head to The Pinhook or The Durham Fruit and Produce Company for a night of dancing to local and national DJs.

Local Music Venues:

Durham is a hotbed of live music, offering everything from intimate acoustic sets to energetic rock concerts. Check out the lineup at the Carolina Theatre, a historic venue featuring diverse musical acts and events. The Motorco Music Hall and The Blue Note Grill are two other popular spots where you can catch both local and touring musicians in action. Moreover, the Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) offers the best of musical performances and Broadway theatre.

Restaurants and Clubs:

The Willow Durham's prime location means you'll never run out of dining options. Experience world-class cuisine at renowned eateries like Mateo Bar de Tapas, M Sushi, and Vin Rouge. For a more casual bite, Bull City Burger and Brewery, Pizzeria Toro, and Heavenly Buffaloes are just a few of the many options available.

If you're looking to mingle with fellow foodies, join one of Durham's many dining clubs, such as the Triangle Foodies, the Triangle Vegan Social Club, or the Durham Diners Meetup. These clubs are a great way to explore new restaurants and connect with like-minded individuals.

Sporting Events and Participation:

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Durham. Catch a game at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, home to the beloved minor league baseball team, the Durham Bulls. If college sports are more your speed, Duke University and North Carolina Central University both offer exciting NCAA Division I action.

For those who prefer to participate, Durham's many parks and recreation facilities provide ample opportunities to get active. Enjoy a round of golf at Hillandale Golf Course or take a jog along the scenic American Tobacco Trail. The Downtown Durham YMCA is also just a short walk away, offering fitness classes, sports leagues, and a pool.


At The Willow Durham, you'll be surrounded by an incredible array of entertainment options, making your downtown living experience truly unparalleled. Whether you're a fan of arts and culture, a foodie, a sports enthusiast, or a nightlife aficionado, there's something for everyone in this vibrant community. Join us at The Willow Durham and start enjoying the best that downtown Durham has to offer!

The Research Triangle Area, also known as the Triangle, is a metropolitan area located in North Carolina that consists of three major cities: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. This region has become a hub of pharmaceutical and technological innovation and has a thriving economy, making it a great place to start or advance a career. This post explores  the various career opportunities available in the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina, that are accessible from your condo at The Willow Durham.

Technology and Innovation

The Triangle is home to numerous tech companies, including Red Hat, IBM, and Cisco Systems. This makes it an ideal place for those who are interested in careers in technology, including software engineering, data analytics, and cybersecurity. The region has a strong community of tech professionals, which makes it easier to network and find job opportunities. Additionally, many of these companies offer comprehensive training and development programs to help employees grow in their careers.


The Triangle is also a hub for healthcare, with a strong presence of pharmaceutical companies and medical research facilities. There are numerous career opportunities in healthcare, including nursing, healthcare administration, and medical research. Duke University Hospital and the University of North Carolina Hospitals are two of the largest employers in the region, offering a wide range of healthcare jobs. Additionally, the region is home to several cutting-edge medical research facilities, such as the Duke Clinical Research Institute and the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.


The Triangle is home to several world-class universities, including Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These institutions offer a wide range of career opportunities in education, including teaching, research, and administrative roles. The strong education sector in the Triangle attracts a highly educated workforce, making it an ideal place to start or advance a career in education.

Government and Public Service

The Triangle is home to several government agencies and non-profit organizations, including the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the Environmental Protection Agency. These organizations offer a wide range of careers in government and public service, including policy analysis, program management, and research. Additionally, the Triangle has a strong community of non-profits, making it an ideal place to start or advance a career in the non-profit sector.

Finance and Business

The Triangle is home to a thriving business community, with a strong presence of finance, real estate, and consulting companies. This makes it an ideal place to start or advance a career in finance, business, or entrepreneurship. The region is home to several business incubators, such as the American Underground, which provide support and resources for startups and entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, the Research Triangle Area of North Carolina offers a wide range of career opportunities for those who are interested in technology, healthcare, education, government and public service, and finance and business. The region has a strong economy, a thriving business community, and a highly educated workforce, making it an ideal place to start or advance a career.  So, whatever your career interests might be,  your condominium at The Willow Durham offers great access to the Research Triangle, where there are many opportunities.

The Willow has been designed to provide a beautiful environment for an outstanding lifestyle, but within reasonable cost of ownership.

An important element of cost of ownership is employees.  The Willow is small enough, and incorporates the latest technology, so that no full-time employees are required.  To see the impact of this, consider that staffing an entrance desk around the clock requires four full-time employees, who can easily cost (by the time their benefits and employer taxes are paid) $75,000 apiece annually, for a cost of $300,000 per year just for one person at the front desk!

Larger condominium buildings may require not only a 24 x 7 desk manager, but a resident maintenance person as well.  And possibly other employees.  This can be a significant factor in raising monthly assessments into the four-digit range.

The Willow provides walking and biking access to all the best of downtown Durham, along with all the amenities we like that make our lives easier, without being excessively costly.

Some of the great features of every unit are 2 parking spots and a garage-level storage facility.  The garage is pre-wired for charging stations, so if you have an electric car, you can charge it at your own parking spot in the garage.  When you take your dog out for a good workout, the dog spa is a convenient place to stop for a quick bath and groom, before the dirty pooch gets anywhere near your Willow condo.  In addition, there are bicycle racks where you can keep your bike handy for a ride any time the spirit moves you.

A great destination on your bike is the dog park that’s less than two blocks away!  You can get some exercise on the bike, and your pooch doesn’t have to keep up with the bike for very long.  Then, when you return, the spa is there for that quick wash-off.

State-of-the-art security and access control systems give you peace of mind without having to be manned.  You’ll know who is coming and going, and you’ll have complete control, without the expense of full-time employees.

All of this is provided at a planned cost of twenty-three cents per square foot, or $578 per month for the Iris model.  Yes, that’s correct, a three-digit monthly assessment!

The builder is offering a buydown of the interest rate on your loan, to reduce interest rates while they are elevated, lowering your cost of ownership even further.

Considering the reasonable price of the condo units themselves, the overall value proposition of The Willow is hard to resist.

On June 29th, 2022 Lorient Homes, the developer of the Willow held a construction kick off meeting to start the construction phase of the project. Starting with the south building, the ground breaking occurred on July 21st and the building started to go up!

With a premier general contractor -Metrocon- on board, the building is scheduled to be completed in August of 2023, with move-ins in September. The first floor concrete podium is scheduled to be completed in October 2022, and framing start in November.

We look forward to delivering an iconic building, adding to the beauty of downtown Durham.

Welcome to The Willow, and to Downtown Durham. If you are a sports lover, you will have plenty to participate in as a fan.

At first glance one might imagine Durham as a city with top draw entertainment, dining, and culture. But a deeper look will reveal Durham as a city with a variety of sports for your entertainment, and many of these venues are a short distance from The Willow.

One of Durham’s most recognizable teams is The Durham Bulls, who play in one of baseball’s finest minor league stadiums. Made even more famous by the movie Bull Durham filmed in 1988, the Durham Bulls were already on the landscape and have maintained their preeminence through their reputation. As of 2021 they have won 15 Triple-A division titles over 23 years. Capturing their 3rd National Triple-A National in their history. Their venue is Durham Bulls Athletic Park adjacent to American Tobacco Campus. Walk from The Willow and catch a game or two.

Also close by is the Durham Armory where martial arts and boxing matches are held.

Just down Alston Ave (State Route 55) is NCCU where the Eagles play high level baseball, football, basketball, cross country, and more (

Durham also hosts a Curling Tournament, you heard that right, curling. The Carolina Classic. Information can be found here –

Then there are Duke University Athletics – – almost more sports that you can take in. Championship basketball, soccer, baseball, women’s field hockey, volleybal, fencing, golf, soccer, and more.

Needless to say, as a Willow condo owner you will have the opportunity for year-round sports entertainment for you and your guests.

Stay tuned for future blog posts in the Daydream series. The Willow is now accepting contracts. Reach out to our sales team for more information and next steps.

It’s easy to daydream about living at The Willow when you view the rendering of what it will look like when complete, with the luxury interior finishes, impeccable design and multiple balcony spaces per unit with views of the vibrant downtown. In this ongoing series of blog posts we’ll explore some of these daydream snippets to give a sense of what it might be like to live at the Willow.

Saturday Morning – After a morning coffee on the balcony off of the main bedroom and a quick rinse in the large walk-in shower, you head down the elevator to the ground floor with an old-school daily newspaper under your arm. You set off on foot and 9-minutes later are getting your second cup of the day at the Durham Hotel’s sleek coffee bar. It’s quiet and comfortable there. A great start to the day. After finishing your morning read it’s time for a walk. Your walk takes you a block away through CCB Plaza in the heart of downtown and past the “Major the Bull” statue, one of the much-loved pieces of public art in Durham. From there you spy one of the pink penguins of the 21c Hotel and decide to pop in to check out some of their top-notch contemporary art. There’s a new exhibit by Durham artist Hyewon Grigoni that catches your eye called Code of Ethics which includes a painting of a kid sleeping on a couch with her dog. The kid and the dog look at home. Looks good.

After you get your art fix you formulate your plan for the afternoon, a nap on your own couch with Amber, your dog. Before that, though, you’ll take her to the downtown dog park, only a block south of the condo. Since she gets pretty dirty at the park you’ll take advantage of The Willow’s first floor dog washing station before you head back up with her for that nap. After all, it is a new couch, and you couldn’t resist getting it in white.

Stay tuned for future blog posts in the Daydream series. The Willow is now accepting contracts. Reach out to our sales team for more information and next steps.

Lorient Homes is proud to be the developer of The Willow.

Lorient Homes was founded with the vision to deliver truly modern homes at an affordable cost to homeowners. Our first project, Lorient 751, was started in 2019. It is almost fully complete and has delivered 25 unique and modern townhomes. Several of the homeowners at Lorient 751 are considering a move to The Willow. Their motivation is the unique design, along with the quality build of The Willow.

At Lorient Homes, the design of our homes starts with the flow and living experience, to meet the needs of residents today. In addition, ample sunlight and outdoor outdoor spaces are also central to our planning. As a result, The Willow floor plans offer an un-compromised living experience that naturally flows from indoor space to outdoor. The outdoor spaces, provided by multiple private decks in each unit, integrate into the home naturally and are not added as an afterthought or just to check the box.

We are so proud of Lorient 751 that we’re a bit sad to be leaving it soon. We can’t wait to have the Willow start to take shape.

Take a look at these videos, a tour of the interior of a Lorient 751 home and a walk around the exterior, while landscaping work is underway.

Interior tour
Exterior tour

Did you know that Southern Living named Durham the South’s Tastiest Town? They described Durham as “a scrappy scene of artisans devoted to coffee beans, brews, and the craft of humble foods.”

Fortunately for residents of Durham’s downtown, contemporary, luxury condominiums at The Willow, the food scene is all around you. For coffee beans, The Willow is a short quarter mile from Durham’s EverLou Coffee Co. and Jetplane Coffee. Home-grown brews can be found in abundance at Hi-Wire, Ponysaurus, and Fullsteam Brewery.

For the tastiest that Durham has to offer, head just a few blocks into the heart of downtown Durham to enjoy local and international cuisine. We recommend starting with the first restaurant in the South to focus on fatta a mano—handmade pasta, at Mother’s and Son’s Trattoria. For phenomenal Parisian cuisine, Rue Cler is only a quarter mile from the residents of The Willow. M Pocha and the rest of the incredible M restaurants that call Durham home are our top choice for Korean and Japanese culinary experiences.

At The Willow, when you aren’t in the mood to cook in your beautifully-equipped kitchen, the hardest part of the meal will be choosing where to eat dinner!