Cost of Ownership

The Willow has been designed to provide a beautiful environment for an outstanding lifestyle, but within reasonable cost of ownership.

An important element of cost of ownership is employees.  The Willow is small enough, and incorporates the latest technology, so that no full-time employees are required.  To see the impact of this, consider that staffing an entrance desk around the clock requires four full-time employees, who can easily cost (by the time their benefits and employer taxes are paid) $75,000 apiece annually, for a cost of $300,000 per year just for one person at the front desk!

Larger condominium buildings may require not only a 24 x 7 desk manager, but a resident maintenance person as well.  And possibly other employees.  This can be a significant factor in raising monthly assessments into the four-digit range.

The Willow provides walking and biking access to all the best of downtown Durham, along with all the amenities we like that make our lives easier, without being excessively costly.

Some of the great features of every unit are 2 parking spots and a garage-level storage facility.  The garage is pre-wired for charging stations, so if you have an electric car, you can charge it at your own parking spot in the garage.  When you take your dog out for a good workout, the dog spa is a convenient place to stop for a quick bath and groom, before the dirty pooch gets anywhere near your Willow condo.  In addition, there are bicycle racks where you can keep your bike handy for a ride any time the spirit moves you.

A great destination on your bike is the dog park that’s less than two blocks away!  You can get some exercise on the bike, and your pooch doesn’t have to keep up with the bike for very long.  Then, when you return, the spa is there for that quick wash-off.

State-of-the-art security and access control systems give you peace of mind without having to be manned.  You’ll know who is coming and going, and you’ll have complete control, without the expense of full-time employees.

All of this is provided at a planned cost of twenty-three cents per square foot, or $578 per month for the Iris model.  Yes, that’s correct, a three-digit monthly assessment!

The builder is offering a buydown of the interest rate on your loan, to reduce interest rates while they are elevated, lowering your cost of ownership even further.

Considering the reasonable price of the condo units themselves, the overall value proposition of The Willow is hard to resist.