Daydreams from The Willow

It’s easy to daydream about living at The Willow when you view the rendering of what it will look like when complete, with the luxury interior finishes, impeccable design and multiple balcony spaces per unit with views of the vibrant downtown. In this ongoing series of blog posts we’ll explore some of these daydream snippets to give a sense of what it might be like to live at the Willow.

Saturday Morning – After a morning coffee on the balcony off of the main bedroom and a quick rinse in the large walk-in shower, you head down the elevator to the ground floor with an old-school daily newspaper under your arm. You set off on foot and 9-minutes later are getting your second cup of the day at the Durham Hotel’s sleek coffee bar. It’s quiet and comfortable there. A great start to the day. After finishing your morning read it’s time for a walk. Your walk takes you a block away through CCB Plaza in the heart of downtown and past the “Major the Bull” statue, one of the much-loved pieces of public art in Durham. From there you spy one of the pink penguins of the 21c Hotel and decide to pop in to check out some of their top-notch contemporary art. There’s a new exhibit by Durham artist Hyewon Grigoni that catches your eye called Code of Ethics which includes a painting of a kid sleeping on a couch with her dog. The kid and the dog look at home. Looks good.

After you get your art fix you formulate your plan for the afternoon, a nap on your own couch with Amber, your dog. Before that, though, you’ll take her to the downtown dog park, only a block south of the condo. Since she gets pretty dirty at the park you’ll take advantage of The Willow’s first floor dog washing station before you head back up with her for that nap. After all, it is a new couch, and you couldn’t resist getting it in white.

Stay tuned for future blog posts in the Daydream series. The Willow is now accepting contracts. Reach out to our sales team for more information and next steps.