Lorient Homes, Developer of The Willow

Lorient Homes is proud to be the developer of The Willow.

Lorient Homes was founded with the vision to deliver truly modern homes at an affordable cost to homeowners. Our first project, Lorient 751, was started in 2019. It is almost fully complete and has delivered 25 unique and modern townhomes. Several of the homeowners at Lorient 751 are considering a move to The Willow. Their motivation is the unique design, along with the quality build of The Willow.

At Lorient Homes, the design of our homes starts with the flow and living experience, to meet the needs of residents today. In addition, ample sunlight and outdoor outdoor spaces are also central to our planning. As a result, The Willow floor plans offer an un-compromised living experience that naturally flows from indoor space to outdoor. The outdoor spaces, provided by multiple private decks in each unit, integrate into the home naturally and are not added as an afterthought or just to check the box.

We are so proud of Lorient 751 that we’re a bit sad to be leaving it soon. We can’t wait to have the Willow start to take shape.

Take a look at these videos, a tour of the interior of a Lorient 751 home and a walk around the exterior, while landscaping work is underway.

Interior tour
Exterior tour